Many of us sincerely wade around in what church culture popularly defines as discipleship. But we are discontent with only splashing about in the miles-wide, ankle-deep shores of faith.

If we look to the horizon of history, of the Gospels and the early church, we can see wonderful mystery out there. We sense there must be more to spiritual formation than mere performance, study, and the gaining of knowledge. As true disciples, we yearn for a far more meaningful truth.

This series beckons us to follow Christ into the deep realms of discipleship - of revelation, restoration, transformation, sanctification, and mission. It can seem scary, diving in and being submersed in what Christ means discipleship to be. But it's exactly in this place - out of our own depths - that we can find true depth in Christ.


September 2   Cultural Churchianity vs. Biblical Christianity  (Mark 8:31-38)


September 9   Revelation: What God Does Among Us  (Mark 1:9-11; 9:2-7; 14:61-65; 15:37-39)


September 16   Restoration: What God Does For Us  (Mark 8:27-33; 10:17-31; 14:27-31; 16:7)


September 23   Transformation: What God Does To Us  (Mark 14:12-26)


September 30     Sanctification: What God Does In Us  (Mark 3:13-19)


October 7   Mission: What God Does Through Us  (Mark 10:32-34)