Too many churchgoers focus on cultural "churchianity" rather than biblical Christianity. They embrace the widespread and wrongheaded belief that following Christ will lead to a cozy, comfortable, and convenient life. This sermon series calls us to imagine a church full of deep disciples who are actively involved in making deep disciples. Working through Mark's gospel, we’ll explore the pathway to deep discipleship through revelation, transformation, restoration, sanctification, and mission.


September 2   Cultural Churchianity vs. Biblical Christianity  (Mark 8:31-38)


September 9   Revelation: What God Does Among Us  (Mark 1:9-11; 9:2-7; 14:61-65; 15:37-39)


September 16   Restoration: What God Does For Us  (Mark 8:27-33; 10:17-31; 14:27-31; 16:7)


September 23   Transformation: What God Does To Us  (Mark 14:12-26)


September 30     Sanctification: What God Does In Us  (Mark 3:13-19)


October 7   Mission: What God Does Through Us  (Mark 10:32-34)