Corps Officers/Pastors

Captains Peter & Lee-Ann van Duinen
Captains Peter and Lee-Ann van Duinen were appointed to Southlands in July 2013 to serve as our Corps Officers (lead pastors). The van Duinen's were ordained and commissioned in 2004 out of the College for Officer Training in Toronto, Ontario. Prior to their appointment to Southlands, Peter and Lee-Ann served for three years as Divisional Youth Leaders in Alberta, and for six years in congregational ministry in Ontario. The van Duinen’s have a passion for seeing people come to Christ and grow in a vibrant relationship with him through worship, learning, and serving others.
The van Duinen’s have three children: Emma, Nate and Abbi.




Cadets Dave & Renee McFadden
Our family is from Niagara Orchard Community Church in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We have been soldiers in the Salvation Army for about 20 years. In 2012 we took a year-long sabbatical in Dave's homeland of New Zealand to spend time with his family and friends and we were challenged upon returning to Canada that we needed to make some changes to our comfortable life. God had more in store for our family than comfort and security. We kept questioning what was worth spending our lives on. We wanted to Love God and Love People. Last year we sold our house and left Dave's career in engineering and Renee's job as an elementary school teacher to follow where God was leading. He was calling us to become pastors and shepherds of His people. Officership in the Salvation Army is something that we could never do on our own, but only in His strength and timing.
The McFadden's have two children: Jackson and Xavier.


Youth Pastor & Community Youth Outreach Coordinator
Cathy Cole
Cathy has a passion to see students develop community and come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour. She loves teaching and hanging out with the students here at Southlands. Cathy also looks after community youth outreach and oversees our LIT program at KidsQuest Summer Day camp.
Administrative Assistant
Liz Marshall
Liz looks after the daily office and administrative duties. She joined the Southlands team in 2016, prior to that she worked for two years as our Christmas Kettle Coordinator.
Laura Shiloff
Laura has served on our Business Administration team for a number of years providing support in the area of bookkeeping and accounting.

Mission Board

The Mission Board is our lay ministry leadership team. This team works with our corps officers to provide leadership in three key areas of church administration, Program, Pastoral Care and Business Administration.
Director of Program
Asha Edirisinghe
Director of Pastoral Care
Major Joanne Biggs
Director of Business Administration
Matt Schnaider

Senior Pastoral Care Council

The pastoral care council exists for the highly important purpose of exercising pastoral care towards the whole corps fellowship, including praying for, visiting and training those in that fellowship. The council periodically reviews and revises the relevant membership rolls and keeps them in satisfactory condition. The fulfillment of this purpose involves responsibility for those enrolled, in that the SPCC is required to:

(a) Accept recruits.

(b) Accept for soldiership converted persons who have signed the Soldier's Covenant and who fulfil the requirements of soldiership.

(c) Accept for adherency applicants who fulfil the stipulated conditions.

(d) Watch over all YP (young people) recruits, adherents, converts, recruits and soldiers with a view to encouraging and training them, as well as preventing falling away and loss.

(e) Remove names from rolls when necessary.

SPCC Members

We are grateful for the dedication and service offered by the following as they serve on Senior Pastoral Care Council:

Major Joanne Biggs (Director of Pastoral Care)
Dr. Norm Hunter
Rebecca Prathipati
Lt. Colonel Susan van Duinen
Captain Lee-Ann van Duinen (Corps Officer)
Captain Peter van Duinen (Corps Officer)

Mission Task Force

The Mission Task Force is a collaborative group that includes the Mission Board, Senior Pastoral Care Council and congregational representation. It's purpose is to set a clear direction for our church by engaging in intentional activities that will result in the development of a new mission statement, vision and strategic goals and action steps that will guide our congregation and its ministry into the future.
In addition to the members of the Mission Board and SPCC, we are delighted to welcome the following members of our congregation into this process of setting a clear direction for our church:
Jenny Hale
Sheila Keys
Felix Olowalafe
Tim Prathipati
Ademola Oladejo
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