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Setting a Clear Direction for our Church

Over the next year, our leadership teams will be collaborating on the development of a new mission strategy for Southlands Community Church. And we will be inviting you, the members of our congregation, to add your voice to this process through a series of congregational meetings.
The activities we will engage in as we seek to set a clear direction for our church, are as follows:
  1. We will develop a new mission statement—a crucial foundation for any significant           growth.
  2. We will look into the future and identify a vision of what God would have our church         be like in five years—for it is the dream that compels the pilgrimage!
  3. We will develop clear and measurable goals—steps for reaching the dreams for               tomorrow.
  4. We will outline steps of strategy and action plans—a clear path for accomplishing our     goals.

Opportunities to Participate

You will be hearing about more opportunities to participate in the coming months. Our central purpose is not bogging people down in committees and meetings as it is fulfilling the mission the Lord Jesus Christ has for His church generally, and Southlands Community Church in particular.
We have a history that emphasizes evangelism, world mission, discipleship and the authority of Scripture, and these remain essential for the way ahead. We also have a strong desire to see individuals, and our church as a whole, grow in intimacy with God. How God will direct us into the future we believe will unfold in due course and in His time, but we ask each of you to participate with us in earnest prayer for wisdom, courage and obedience as He does so.
We are on a journey. Thank you for joining us in discovering where and what God has next for us.
With gratitude to each of you for your support and prayer through this exciting journey.
Peter & Lee-Ann
Peter & Lee-Ann van Duinen
Corps Officers/Pastors