Our International Work

Our International Work

As an international movement organised around Christian principles, The Salvation Army is a mobilised force fighting injustice and inequality around the world without discrimination.

Today, The Salvation Army ministers in 127 countries around the world through a wide variety of spiritual and humanitarian programs ranging from day-care centres for children to nursing homes for the aged; programs to assist those with dependency issues, the homeless, and those without advocacy. More than 14 million people around the world are helped every year by The Salvation Army. 

From country to country, The Salvation Army is primarily driven by local people working passionately to make a difference. This means The Salvation Army in Canada is distinctly Canadian, The Salvation Army in Africa is distinctly African, and The Salvation Army in Asia is distinctly Asian.

Empowering and equipping local people to impact their own community has always been a key focus of The Salvation Army, allowing the richness of true international partnership and collaboration while holding tightly to the importance of local community impact.

Salvation Army officer providing assistance after a natural disaster in Indonesia

International Disaster Response

As an international organisation at work in 127 countries, when disaster strikes The Salvation Army is often positioned to respond quickly and effectively to assist local communities.
Salvation Army officer talking with community members in Tanzania

Supporting Our International Work

The Salvation Army Canada & Bermuda Territory is accredited by Imagine Canada which defines standards of governance, financial accountability and transparency, fundraising, staff management, and volunteer involvement.

Supporters have the option of designating their gift towards the international development work of The Salvation Army if they choose. 

Because of The Salvation Army's vast international network, supporters can have confidence in knowing that donations to The Salvation Army for international development are carefully managed every step of the way, and that The Salvation Army's strong infrastructure ensures maximum impact at the point-of-need.

International statistics (as at 1 January 2014)

The statistics below provide an indication of the scope of The Salvation Army's international work.

The Salvation Army's work in various countries is tailored to the social and economic needs of local communities. This means the activities of The Salvation Army can be vastly different from country to country. 
Number of corps (churches)15,636
Number of officers26,497
Number of employees107,918
Adherent members169,491
Junior soldiers385,994
Community development programmes11,570 (beneficiaries: 1,891,877)
Homeless hostels446 (capacity: 24,148)
Residential addiction dependency programmes234 (capacity: 14,108)
Children's homes222 (capacity: 9,913)
Homes for elderly persons158 (capacity: 11,309)
Mother and baby homes41 (capacity: 1,163)
Refuges65 (capacity: 1,518)
Community day care centres603
Non-residential addiction rehabilitation centres74
Services to the armed forces62 projects
Disaster rehabilitation schemes100
Prisoners visited272,593
General hospitals19
Maternity hospitals26
Specialist hospitals12
Source: The Salvation Army International 2015 Year Book